The Label

The story of the label has its start, one way or another, back in 1978. Then it was when the 2 friends, who co-founded the label, Theodore Kritharis and Gregory Vaios, met each other. The reason was an ad for the “SOCRATES DRANK THE CONIUM-TASTE OF CONIUM ” LP. For historical purposes, Theodore bought the record from Gregory (who had 2 copies) for 300 drachmas.

The next few years the 2 friends meet each other in different music places (record shops, live concerts etc). Their common love for the Greek rock scene led them to start WIPE OUT RECORDS in the beginning of 1986. Their purpose was to release records from the great area of independent rock, records from bands they liked or records from bands that hardly could find a way to release their songs to the public.
First release (X-MANDARINA DUCK 7″) was released and produced by Gregory alone, while Theodore bought the first copy! From there on the label in the ’80s worked with many of the important bands at that time like: PANX ROMANA, VILLA 21,SOUTH OF NO NORTH etc, whose records had a big success. At the same time they release records of unknown bands most of whom remain classic until today.

At the start of 90s the upward rise continued and the label became one of the most important indie label in Greece. Wipe Out also released a few records of foreign bands and was involved with selective imports from indie foreign labels.

In the meantime Gregory leaves the label since he had no time to be involved.
The label discovers and introduces to the public, by releasing the first records of groups such as: DIAFANA KRINA, STEREO NOVA, ARNAKIA, EREVOS, ANTIDRASI, G.TSIGOS & MAVRI KIKLOI, DILEMMA, STAGONES KAPNOU, NEVMA, etc. Some of them are still working with the label. In the last years the label releases less records annually after strict criteria.

In the near future we will focus on vinyl releases.